The Fitness Academy Athboy – Strength & Conditioning


Warm-up (No Measure)

Wrist Flexibility – 3 Ways x 10 each

Frog Stretch x 45 secs

Banded Tricep Stretch x 30 secs

*Complete flexibility prior to Zoom class


Metcon (No Measure)

Core Tabata – 4 Minutes

20 Secs On – 10 Secs Off

Alternating between Plank & Hollow Holds.

Metcon (Time)


Round every 2 minutes x 6 Rounds

This is ideally completed with a barbell, but can also be completed with dumbbells, single dumbbell or single kettlebell.

– Deadlift or RDL x 5-8

– Hang/Power Cleans x 5-8

– Push Press x 5-8

– Front Squat x 5-8

*Rep range is depending on what equipment you have – but should be the same for all movements.

**You should be working for no more than 90 secs, so you will always have a minimum of 30 secs rest.

***You are recording your slowest round.

****If using a single d’bell or k’bell 3 rounds on each side.

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