TFA Ethos

The Fitness Academy was established in 2017 by Gavin Brown and Shane McAnarney on the principles of fitness, community, honesty and accountability.

Our mission is to fill the gap in the health and fitness industry and support people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. There have never been as many gyms available to the public than at present. So why do we still see rising levels of obesity? The answer is simple, commercial gyms do not look after or care about whether or not you turn up once or never go to the gym, you are just a number. There is no coaching involved, no accountability, and no guidance.

We have developed a tried and tested three layered system to training that improves all aspects of fitness. Gain back your flexibility to allow us to move better (pain-free) and reduce your chances of injury. Build strength to make everyday tasks easier and work on your conditioning or cardiovascular fitness with a constantly varied never boring approach to training.

In our opinion, this makes for the best all round individual or athlete. The main difference between us and the rest is that we are a coaching gym, where technique comes before ego at all costs. All sessions will be monitored and designed by our head trainer and we aim to make the session the best hour of your day.

If you’re tired and frustrated with your lack of progress over the last weeks, months or even years and don’t know how to get different results then we are the gym for you.

We don’t care how fit or strong you are NOW!!

All we care about is that you show up and do the best you can because we know from past experience that when you show up and give it your best, we guarantee you that you will surprise yourself with how good that actually is.

Fundamental to each of our services is the fact that in order to perform at our best and get the most from our training there are two core principles that never change.

Nutrition and mobility (flexibility) are the cornerstone of any good program and healthy individual. These two aspects of health will have a major positive/negative effect on everything else. How you fuel your body as an individual and how good your mobility is (how well you can move) will help everything else tenfold no matter what your goals are.

Have back pain?

Can’t touch your toes?

Can’t lift your arms over your head without arching your back?
Your mobility matters. Training all the time but not losing weight, not getting any stronger or feel like you have reached a plateau then more than likely you need to get your nutrition in check.

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