Performance Nutritionist


  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Education & General Advice
  • 3 Month Clinic Package
    • 3 x one to one visits
    • Access to 3 month’s worth of social media support between visits.

David Tobin is a registered sport and exercise nutritionist currently working with Meath GAA. He works closely with the players to help them fuel and recover so as to reach their performance potential. He also works with many recreationally active clients to help them achieve their lifetime goals.

David tailors the education and feedback during consultations to meet – your body, your needs and your goals to maximise the results. Whether your goal is to be healthier, gain muscle, lose fat or athletic performance – David will guide you through your journey.

You will be held accountable for your nutrition habits through weekly check-ins, weigh/measure-ins, nutrient breakdowns…etc. If you are very active or an athlete David will look for feedback on your training and performance. Most importantly, you will receive regular feedback and support tailored to your goals. Based on your progress David will change your nutrition guidance accordingly to keep you progressing. The key to getting results is consistency, and having a two-way relationship with David.

  • Be held accountable with weekly check-ins
  • Keep motivated with regular feedback, support and guidance to stay on track
  • Get your results with nutrition guidance changing to keep you progressing towards your goals



1 x One To One Consultation
  • 45 Minutes One To One
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Needs Analysis
  • Food Diary Analysis & Feedback
  • Body Composition Assessment & Feedback
  • Full Health Questionnaire
  • Nutrition Periodisation (Training v Rest Day)
  • Nutrient Timing (Pre/Post Training)
  • Supplement Education: General Recommendations
  • Access to Private Member Facebook Group €25 Additional
  • Specific Meal Plan:€35 Additional

Price €70

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3 x One To One ConsultationIncludes Everything From The Basic Plan Plus. . .
  • Weekly Check-In & Feedback From David
    (via WhatsApp or Email)
  • Adjustments to Guidance
  • Recipes & Shopping List
  • Athlete Monitoring
  • Competition Focus
  • Access to Private Member Facebook Group
  • Supplement Education: Individualised If Necessary
  • Specific Meal Plan:€35 Additional

Price €180

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Nutrition is a cornerstone of a great fitness plan, that’s why we take it very seriously here at The Fitness Academy.
Nutritional advice is something we love to share with our members in class and online too. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram where we share tips, insights and nutritional advice to help you along in your fitness journey.

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