The Fitness Academy Athboy – Strength & Conditioning


Warm-up (No Measure)

Dislocates + Pull Aparts x 10 each

Quad Stretch

Squat Hold to Jefferson


Superset Me

Natural Leg Extensions x 6

Double Leg Glute Bridge x 6

a) Bodyweight

b) Dumbbell

c) Barbell

*Complete 6 NLE and then immediately complete 6 DLGB.

Superset Me II

Bicep Curls x 8

a) Double Arm

b) Single Arm

*If you don’t have dumbbells, use a k’bell or be creative.

Tricep Dips x 8

**As above, you complete your curls and then immediately go into your dips.


Metcon (Time)

BUY IN: 25 Push Ups

100 Single Arm Thrusters*

BUY OUT: 25 Push Ups

*Weight in one hand. You must complete thrusters in sets of 5 on each arm and the weight must be placed on the floor after every 10 reps.

**So, 5 on right, 5 on left……weight must rest on the floor, hand must come off the weight. The length of time is your decision.

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