Meet The Trainers

Gavin Brown

Gavin was first introduced to the gym at age 17, after always having an interest in sports Gavin decided to do a Health Promotion and Physical Activity Course at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

While working abroad and in commercial gyms he became frustrated working for someone else who had little to no interest in someone succeeding but instead all only cared about financial gain.

“My job as a trainer is to coach and empower people to succeed firstly. My passion in life is getting people to where they want to be”. Having set up a PT and Bootcamp business since 2013 achieving amazing results Gavin decided in order to reach more people a larger facility was needed to cater for the growing numbers of people seeking his expertise and so The Fitness Academy was established.

My Philosophy and Message

In my opinion, everyone has endless potential. It’s what we do with that potential that defines us. We all have factors which have stopped us achieving our goals in the past.

Fear is the number one reason in my opinion why people don’t get to where they want to be. Fear is universal, it affects everyone.

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear that you can’t do it, fear of falling down, fear of what your friends will say, fear of not fitting in and fear of starting.

The hardest part is the getting started.

Fear and procrastination run side by side. Fear causes procrastination and procrastination cause more fear. The time will never be just right. Action and consistency will obliterate fear and end putting things on the long finger. ‘Action’ is the first step. Without action, nothing will ever change. If someone has done what you want to do, IT CAN BE DONE.

We all have unlimited potential but without action, this potential will never be realised and therefore results will never be achieved. Action needs to be taken on a consistent basis. Only then will the results be seen.

So are you afraid, are you procrastinating, waiting for everything to be just right? Are you fed up, sick of having low energy? Wanting to feel and look better, want to lose weight long term? Do you tell yourself I’ll start Monday? Will next year be different?

The Fitness Academy is not just another gym, we will be the last solution you ever need.

Eoin Feeley

Eoin’s love for fitness began at any early age with his involvement in several sports, including Gaelic football, soccer, athletics, and tennis. Eoin had success across all sports with teams and personal honours along the way.

Eoin has a business degree which led him into the business world, but it didn’t take long for his passion in fitness to come back to the surface and lead him to pursue a career change. Eoin became a qualified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer in 2013 and this was soon followed by a certificate in a self-myofascial release. Eoin is always looking to expand and develop his knowledge and he hopes to continue this in 2022 as he pursues his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and Weightlifting Ireland Coaching Certificate.

Since 2013 Eoin has been working with individuals and groups with excellent success including several sports teams in various sports, including football, hurling, soccer, and rugby.

Eoin has developed his own training over the years and has now competed in several CrossFit Competitions, as well as developing a real passion and ability for Adventure Racing.

Contact us today to enquire about Personal Training sessions with Eoin.

Ali Shortt

Ali holds a EQF level 4 qualification in Personal Training and Fitness Instruction with the National Training Centre Dublin. She also holds certification in Pre and Post-natal exercise and kettlebell training along with a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Himalayan Yoga Valley.

Ali has had a passion for fitness from an early age: competing in athletics, cross country, road races and track and field events. In recent times Ali caught the CrossFit bug and has competed in various competitions in the last year. Since beginning her personal training career she went on to study traditional yoga and loves bringing this gift of peace and tranquility to people.

Ali also has experience teaching mother and baby classes, kids yoga , strength and conditioning, HIIT and circuit training. She strives to help people achieve their fitness goals and is determined to motivate those around her to feel their very best in whatever way she can. One size certainly does not fit all which is why she strives to use a variety of styles of training to try and help anyone and everyone achieve their goals. Whatever your fitness level, Ali is here to help you advance at your own pace, and push past your limits

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