couch stretch to reduce lower back pain simple exercise

WATCH: Simple Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise (From Your Couch!)

Mobility is an essential part of any good fitness plan and it’s an absolute cornerstone of the way we work here at The Fitness Academy. It’s a big part of our ethos, so we’re very happy to share tips in our ‘Mobility Monday’ series of videos. This one is particularly useful in lower back pain relief.

Mobility Monday – Couch Stretch
(Reduce Lower Back Pain)

In this episode of ‘Mobility Monday’ professional coach Gavin Brown gives us some tips to improve our mobility with the very simple couch stretch. Take a look at this if you want some lower back pain relief or simply to improve your overall mobility.

This is a great stretch for anybody who sits a lot, for runners or anybody who has lower back pain. It’s a two-minute couch stretch that takes a minimum effort and can really make a big difference to your body.

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