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  • Laura Lally – “I started my fitness journey with Gavin in may 2015 and never did I think I would be where I am today. From someone who was so unfit I can now do full body weight push ups, chin ups lift heavy weights.”
  • Lisa -“I have become much fitter and stronger and love the sessions. He has become a friend and knows how to challenge me within my boundaries.
  • Aislin Kelly – “I have found a love for the gym which I never thought I would say!”
  • PJ Kirke -“Whatever it is you want to achieve or whatever level of fitness you’re at, Gavin is your man.”

  • Elaine Maher – “He is a true professional, extremely positive & super motivating. He takes the time to explain things & encourages you to be better every time you train.”
  • Jamie Leavy – “I really enjoy going to the sessions because he puts as much effort into training me as I do, and just has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”
  • Aoife O’ Reilly – “Just by changing my diet alone, I achieved in 28 days what I couldn’t manage over 5 years – I lost 8lbs weight and 10inches from around my body.”
  • PJ Kirke – “The variation in training and exercises was great, each day was different which made it much more enjoyable rather than the same routine every time.”


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  • The Fitness Academy Count Meath inside the gym
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  • The Fitness Academy Athboy inside the gym
  • The Fitness Academy Count Meath inside the gym
  • The Fitness Academy Count Meath inside the gym
  • The Fitness Academy Count Meath inside the gym
  • The Fitness Academy Count Meath inside the gym
  • Reception area at The Fitness Academy Athboy, Co. Meath
  • The Fitness Academy Count Meath inside the gym

Our approach to fitness

We’ve developed a tried and tested three-layered system of training that improves all aspects of fitness.

  1. flexibility
  2. strength
  3. conditioning 

This system can be applied to create plans for people of all abilities.

Our main principles are to coach, educate & empower our members with the knowledge and understanding of correct technique and the importance of consistency in a fun and supportive environment.

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, striving to reach athletic excellence or somewhere in between, we’re here for you!

You can read more about our ethos here.



We’ll improve your flexibility to allow better movement (pain free) and reduce the chances of injury.


We’ll work on your strength to make everyday tasks easier.


We’ll work on your conditioning with a constantly varied, never boring approach to training.

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